An Extraordinary Event for Extraordinary People

April 6th, 2019

9:30am – 4:00pm

Queens Sports Complex | 2229 Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, NC 28210

We are thrilled to announce that a portion of our proceeds will be donated to Psychology for All, whose mission is to increase access to psychological services, and to Autism After 18, whose mission is to help young adults with autism progress toward independent lives

What is AspieCon?

AspieCon is everything you love about comic book and pop culture conventions, combined with the best aspects of a community resource fair. It celebrates the incredibly diverse interests of individuals on the autism spectrum while also providing valuable resources and support for our awesome Aspies and Auties, their families, and their friends.  This interactive, “out of the box” event is dedicated to building a strong community and empowering individuals on the autism spectrum.

All are welcome to experience our world!

The Aspire team at Southeast Psych invites you to join us at the third annual AspieCon!

Explore the site to learn more!


 Event Schedule coming Spring 2019

In the meantime, check out all we had to offer in 2018!

Star Wars fans, we’ve got something really incredible in store for you!  Troopers of the 501st Legion will be representing the Galactic Empire and its interests at AspieCon, so watch out, Rebel scum!  Stormtroopers of the Carolina Garrison are always willing to take pictures with you when not on patrol, and we’re excited to have them joining us!

Our friends at Abari Game Bar in NoDa are bringing several classic arcade and pinball games for you to try!  They’re open 7 days a week to 21+, but have all-ages hours Saturdays and Sundays from noon – 5pm.  Learn more about them and their amazing game selection HERE!

Brian Holloway is a costume designer with over 27+ years experience for film television, and stage. Make-Up Supervisor and actor for Star Trek: New Voyages/PHASE II for 8+ years. Owner of Material Worlds Costuming. Convention moderator and panelist yearly at a variety of conventions. Professional actor for over 22 years with credits ranging from musical theatre tours to Shakespeare companies including RSC-A.

Carolina Ocampo, an illustration student at UNCC, blends traditional cartoon drawing with modern anime styles.  Please stop by her table and support this up-and-coming artist!

Chuck Carte
 is an artist, writer, director, comedian, and cosplayer from the Charlotte area. He is the founder of Carolina TARDIS, an organization that raises money for charity, and is one half of the Sci-Fried Eggs, a science fiction based podcast. Carte is a prop builder of both large and small scale props including prosthetics, costumes, weapons, and vehicles.  Find his table outside next to his TARDIS!

David Beck is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Fort Mill, South Carolina. His artwork primarily revolves around nerd culture, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Hearthstone, and a wide variety of conceptual creations for new projects in the future.

 is a family business showcasing the artwork and creations of Lori, Christina and Jeremy Floerchinger, 24, who is an Artist and published Illustrator on the Autism Spectrum known for his lovable, comical characters, and witty sense of humor. Jeremy’s motto, “I’m making the World smile one drawing at a time.”

Theresa Lopez is a 22 year-old aspiring illustrator attending UNC Charlotte who enjoys making traditional fan art.  Specializing in Pokémon and Disney, Theresa’s whimsical and creative style leaps off the page.  Make sure you visit her table!

We’re excited and honored to have some of our favorite superheroes on-hand at AspieCon!  Wonder Woman, Batman, and Supergirl are taking the day to meet with all of our attendees, so come find them in our Meet and Greet area for pictures and super high-fives!  Capes not required, but certainly a lot of fun.

Need a quiet spot to take a break from the excitement of the con? The Cool Down Tent will be available for kids and adults alike to practice mindfulness.

We’ll be making several different crafts throughout the day, giving you a chance to get hands-on and creative!

Don’t forget to check out our Guided Craft for Adults with Michelle Weber, where you can make a Family Honor Plate! (additional fee)

Dr. Megan Connell and friends will be your Dungeon Masters for the day, leading you through a campaign with your fellow con-goers.  Beginners to experienced players are welcome to join the party and take part in this adventure!

All AspieCon attendees are invited to embark on a mysterious and challenging quest with Dr. Lando Watchtower — scholar, and hipster wizard! Dr. Watchtower requires the help of awesome Aspies and the five greatest strengths–courage, intelligence, wisdom, vision, and heart. Some may choose to take on this quest alone, yet those who form an alliance with one member of each class will benefit from the support of their companions in their pursuit of victory. Whether you will be a Jedi knight, Mage, Rogue, Barbarian, or Cleric, only the Dice will tell. Each group will be faced with tasks throughout the quest requiring them to wield their superpowers skillfully. What are you waiting for? Join us at AspieCon to find out what challenges are in store for the bravest of Aspies.

Hey, Ghostbusters fans!  Our friend, Barrie Clark, is bringing his Ecto-1, a fully modified mid-century Cadillac Miller-Meteor, complete with equipment, sirens, and ghost containment unit.  The attention to detail on this car is extraordinary, and Barrie will be on-hand throughout the day to answer questions and share his interest in and passion for the paranormal!

Looking for something a little more fuel-efficient?  We’ll have an Ecto-0.5 on site, too, a Toyota Prius that does double-duty as an everyday vehicle and an Ectomobile!

Don’t let the kids be the only ones having fun!  Adults can sign up for our guided craft with entrepreneur Michelle Weber.  Michelle is the creator of the Family Honor Plate, a fun and creative parenting tool for celebrating successes at the dinner table!

The Family Honor Plate is $35, and yours to keep with the experience.  Michelle will handle purchases during AspieCon.  Cash and card are both accepted.

Our friend, Amberle Linnea, will be out in her Mystery Machine, a real-life replica of the teal blue van from the Scooby Doo cartoons, with her lovable Great Dane in tow!  Come meet this incredible cosplayer and animal activist, and take pictures with her and Scooby!  She’ll be collecting monetary and item donations for the SPCA, if you’d like to contribute, including pet food and pet supplies.

Advanced Cosplay Techniques: Learn more about the cosplay techniques that will take your costuming to the next level. Join local cosplayers JorrunCosplay and SuperKerri as they answer your questions and guide you through the next phase of your cosplay journey. 

Ask the Experts: Professionals’ Perspectives on the Spectrum – Our panel of psychological experts will discuss such topics as: what to expect in therapy, common family difficulties, treatment options and new findings in research, with plenty of time for your questions and discussion.  With Frank Gaskill, Ryan Kelly, Bea Moise, and Emma Kate Wright.

Educational Advocacy
– Our experts will discuss IEPs, 504 plans, and the evaluation process for children on the spectrum.  From requesting an assessment to asking for and receiving accommodations, we will walk you through the IEP process from start-to-finish. With Jason Bird and Kathi Wilson.

The Epiphany School of Charlotte: Where Extraordinary Minds Thrive – The Epiphany School of Charlotte is a unique school for students with Asperger’s and other social communication differences.  Come and learn about their one-of-a-kind approach to education from a panel of awesome educators.  With Erin Morris, Head of School, and Laurie Sullivan, Student Support Coordinator.

Growing Up on the Spectrum: Q&A With Aspie Teens – Join a unique group of teen panelists as they discuss their lives growing up on the spectrum.  They’ll also be holding a Q&A.  With moderator, Rachel Kitson.

Intro to Cosplay
– Want to dress as your favorite characters and don’t know where or how to get started?  Charlotte-area cosplayers, costumers, and character performers Kalliste Cosplay and JorrunCosplay will be sharing ideas, tips, and tricks with you about how to transform yourself and make the most out of a con!

Parenting on the Spectrum – Parents of kids on the spectrum discuss their experiences, from the challenges and joys of raising a child on the spectrum to lessons learned and answering questions from the audience.  With Julie Clark, Amy Nelsen, Mark Nebrig, and Lauren Troche.

Turning Your Passion into a Career – Doing what you love is the dream of almost anyone.  Our panel of experts discusses how they have turned their hobbies and passions into careers or side jobs that allow them to do what they love while still earning a living.  With Eik Eikenberry, Jamie Franki, and GoodBitey.

Live music from School of Rock Charlotte’s House Band! Don’t miss these incredibly talented musicians cover some of the best music from the world’s most famous artists! They’ll also be on hand to talk about their dynamic, performance-based approach to music education and to give attendees a chance to make music of their own in the instrument “petting zoo.”

Whovians – The Doctor has landed!  The Carolina TARDIS, built by Chuck Carte and Drew Magee, will be on-hand at AspieCon this year!  The stunning blue Police Box often attends conventions and special events, and makes a fantastic photo-op.  Whether you’re The Doctor, a Companion, or just a fan of time travel, don’t miss the Carolina TARDIS!

Merely Players is bringing three rounds of trivia to the con, so get your team ready!  We’ll be asking 10 questions per round – DC vs. Marvel, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and Fun and Games.  Prizes will be awarded to each round’s winning team!

Twitch gamer GoodBitey will be live-streaming games throughout the day, and we invite you to come watch and ask questions as he kicks butt and takes names!  He’s also participating in our panel Turning Your Passion Into a Career, so don’t miss it!

Hey, gamers!  We’re bringing Xbox 1 consoles and games for you to kick back and relax, so come enjoy Lego Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Minecraft on your own or with friends!

We welcome everyone to cosplay at AspieCon, so dress as your favorite character!

Guidelines to help you with your choices can be found by clicking

AspieCon’s Event, Costume, and Prop Policy

AspieCon is thankful to our exhibitors for 2019!

We are so grateful for everything our awesome exhibitors do to make this event special!

Any organization or business offering resources, services, and products that would be of interest and benefit to individuals on the spectrum is welcome to participate as an exhibitor.

For information about becoming an exhibitor, click below.


The Aspire team at Southeast Psych is excited to bring the third annual AspieCon to Charlotte


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